Rene Ahoud


Rene Ahoud has been working on music, sound and multimedia products for some 25 years now.

Starting as a social worker doing an electronic music course at a former Philips test-studio, a Sonology study at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague led to an 18 month sound engineering course at the School of Audio Engineering in Amsterdam.

Despite the fact that "art was attracting" various sound engineering jobs came along. Theatre, live and location sound for RTV, corporate products and the arts turned out to be a good basis for audio post production and sound to picture.

Until some 10 years ago after composing soundtracks for corporate business cd cards a serious pitch for an Adidas commercial cleared the way for a creative rebirth process.

Rene Ahoud now, being a dedicated, experienced and perfectionistic - music, sound and media professional, runs the Johnny Raw studio for music, sound & multimedia since 2006.

His greatest passion lies in storytelling music & sound for image.


* Composer, producer and engineer for pop outfits
* Producer, engineer of audiotours
* Composer of Library music for Universal
* Sound engineer voice-over's for audiotours, audiobooks and computergames
* Teacher at MultiMedia Lab
* Course leader radio studio for Amsterdam radio and television
* Mediatrainer - Minsk RTV
* Composer of soundtracks for corporate business cards
* Composer of music for TV, fashionshow and Sixflags
* Sound engineer radio and television
* Theatre and live sound
* Set noise for documentaries
* Musician in theatre, dance and metro
* Traveller and worker across the world
* Co-initiator Travelling Folk Highschool
* Social worker