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THE JOHNNY RAW STUDIO has produced, composed and cooperated in various music projects.
Here are just a few of those projects. The music is available via Bandcamp, iTunes and Amazon.


Nevada Drive was an outfit founded by guitarist/producer Rene Ahoud & singer-songwriter Christine Oele who shared a passion for haunting melodies, electronic experimentation and cinematic soundscapes.
The band's lineup varied. Starting off as a four-piece band using pre-recorded material, the band evolved into an international six-piece band, with Croat drummer Sin Banoviç, the Swedish Henrik Holm on bass and the Dutchmen Rutger Reinders and Sander Donkers on keys and guitar.


They released their first album Fernweh in 2004. It brought them radio and television shows, a Canadian indie release, a theatre tour and a performance on the famous Dutch Lowlands festival.

“Fernweh is about finding new ground, it is fuelled by our desire to escape our direct surroundings, to create something otherworldly”.
Listening to Nevada Drive’s album Fernweh, is like watching a David Lynch movie. At first you’re seduced by a smooth sleekness. Soft alluring vocals, easy grooves, images of elegant young things reclining on designer couches. Next moment you’re swept off to a vast desert where siren-like creatures tempt and entice you. Then a soothing voice whispers in your ear and brings you back home.


High Resolution Blues, was released in April 2012. This time Nevada Drive started with acoustic instruments and experimented within the boundaries of conventional song structures. They let songs waver from small and intimate to big and orchestral, from traditional to modern and from folk to ambient. High Resolution Blues is a modern tale of struggle, failure, sorrow and redemption.”

Think spheres, think dreams, think movies. Imagine a dark club where the band is playing in the background of a scene. And then suddenly draws your attention, like Nick Cave does in “Der Himmel über Berlin”. A movie that could also suit the music of Nevada Drive” (
“One of my favourite Dutch releases of the last couple of years.” (
“A mesmerizing soundcollage featuring dark folk, latenight jazz, intense rock, a little bit of shoegaze and everything in between.” (
“A stunning combination of cinematic dreampop and heartwrenching melodies: warm, dark, soothing and hauntingly beautiful.”