La Lutte – Marlijn Franken en Claudio Tapia

La Lutte – Marlijn Franken en Claudio Tapia

This is the trailer for La Lutte – the  documentary road movie  (46min).

The Johnny Raw Studio did the audio post production for both the trailer and the documentary.

Synopsis: Two seemingly unrelated stories meet, intertwine and ultimately merge to celebrate the power of will over circumstance and also movement over surrender.
A beach wrestler from Norway pursues his dream of taking part in La Lutte, traditional wrestling from West Africa, full of rituals and seldom visited by foreigners.

Meanwhile, the film enters the world of African refugees struggling with illegality imposed by a surprisingly inhumane Dutch system.
The film is a hopscotch between two continents, as it establishes the universal values of friendship and daring as the basis for human triumph.

The film played at many at many international festivals.

La Lutte is a crowdfunded documentary by filmmaker Marlijn Franken and writer / lit cinema adept Claudio Tapia.




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Marlijn Franken Films - Claudio Tapia
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