Unknown Beauty Ahead

Unknown Beauty Ahead

And now there was silence. A dust storm sometimes, a mean cutting wind. We were walking for days through desert. Unaware survivors, for now.

Leaving behind our families, devastation often… We recall.  It is making us who we are. We forget the pain. With our bodies we worship and honor God.

Sometimes a glimpse of  future brings a smile on my face. We gamble and the loss causes pain. We gamble but have no choice.

And after this there will be sea, uncertainty and future. My new country will reveal possibilities. I will open the window and smell the river I used to swim in as a child. And I will cry, work and reinvent life.

Unknown Beauty Ahead

Dedicated to refugees all over the world.

In cooperation with Marloes Bomers ( http://www.marloesbomers.com/projects/ )  and Martin van Lier

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Music, Video Editing