City Limits is a 3D Soundwalk in the Tuinen van West area in which the emphasis shifts towards awareness of oneself in time and space, and focus on small details in a rural urban area. One is listening to City Limits while walking a specific route through the rural urban area “de Tuinen van West” (Amsterdam Nieuw-West). The soundwalk will take some 1.5 hours.

The soundwalk is played using ECHOES, a GPS triggered app that can be freely downloaded. Send an email to and you will receive a link to the content as well as further instructions.

The soundwalk consists of a 3D soundspace in which, a soundscape constructed out of processed field recording, poetry and historic and cultural storytelling are presented. All field-recordings, made using contact mic’s, hydrophones and binaural mic’s, originate from the surrounding area and will merge with the, sometimes audible presence of, ambient noise. Sounds that can not be heard in daily life are shapeshifted in an adventurous soundscape. While walking one will “trigger and walk through different audio objects”.

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