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The core of Johnny Raw’s studio work lies in the synergy between image and sound.

Music & Sound Design coming from the Johnny Raw Studio has very specific features.

This quality makes it very well suited for image, storytelling, advertising and branding.
Whether it concerns engineering, producing or composing, emphasis is put on the storytelling aspect.

Being a great match for music & sound to image, art projects or commercials alike, it puts “experience, perception, atmosphere an creating a sound-image” first.

“….Obviously, since all these features and qualities come together in the sounds I love to create, I would love to explore new ways of organizing sound for you as well…”

Storytelling Music & Sound for Image, the Arts and Advertising!
For the thrill of what comes next….


I am currently working on INTERFERENCE. Interference is an interactive spacious 3D music event / soundwalk that will occur on nine “spacious locations in Amsterdam”. The result will be something in between a sound walk, a computer-game, a soundtrack and... Read More


The Sound Imagery Music Library. Sound Imagery  is is a music library, composed by Rene Ahoud. Sound Imagery, launched recently, is comprising of  storytelling, cinematic  and atmospheric tracks or plain simple melodic quirky tunes. The music feels  “organic and human”.  The library... Read More

Music for the film Together We Cycle! How the Dutch society took a different turn.

The Johnny Raw Studio composed the music for the film Together We Cycle. The film Together we cycle investigates the critical events that have led to the revival of the Dutch cycling culture. For most people, cycling in the Netherlands, seems a natural phenomenon. However,... Read More

3D SOUNDWALK – Go West for one of the most adventurous Soundwalks of 2019!

City Limits is a 3D Soundwalk in the Tuinen van West area in which the emphasis shifts towards awareness of oneself in time and space, and focus on small details in a rural urban area. One is listening to City... Read More

Archaic Structures Trilogy – Tonedust complemented with “Le Roi, Il est mort”…

The Tonedust Trilogy,  Archaic Structures has been completed. The latest addition is the video ” Le Roi, Il est mort”. The video impression is based on the reflection of a young boy, recollecting the story of a dying king when... Read More

Music for the documentary “Why We Cycle”

The Johnny Raw Studio made the music for the documentary “Why We Cycle” in which  we take a ride with ordinary cyclists and specialists from a variety of disciplines. Conversations that uncover some obvious,  but even more hidden effects of cycling on people,... Read More

MultiMedia Shorts for FOAM Amsterdam

The Johnny Raw Studio recently conceptualized  3 Shades of Black. Three multimedia shorts as contribution to an evening of Gothic inspiration in Amsterdam’s FOAM in remembrance of Lord Byron’s ghost story competition, which took place some 200 years ago. WATCH 3 SHADES OF BLACK&WHITE /... Read More

Screening of Sunset Contract in Eye Amsterdam

On the 13th of november a screening of Sunset Contract took place in Eye in Amsterdam where it was  enthusiastically received by an audience of some 300 people, crew, cast and industry professionals. Audio post production of this feature film (as well as music... Read More

MultiMedia installations in Reclaimed Land

In cooperation with “Achterland “, the  Johnny Raw  Studio is working on a series of Multimedia installations that concern “past presence in reclaimed land”.  The exact exhibition format has yet to be defined but will definitely include video, sound, music... Read More

Soundtrack for Sunset Contract

The Johnny Raw Studio recently finalized the soundtrack for Sunset Contract, an Indiepend Pictures feature film, currently entering the film festival circuit before its commercial release. It tells the story of successful business man Brad, who runs into trouble when he... Read More