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Next to Music & Sound, The Johnny Raw Studio also produces video content.

Sound & Vision content for musea, websites, events or art projects.
All work is done “in-house”: video, photography, screen recordings and (obviously) voice-tracking and music & sound.

Sound & Vision content from the Johnny Raw Studio is both autonomous (installations, art projects) as well as commissioned (promotional videos, book trailers, product teasers).

The Johnny Raw Studio delivers “cinema-ready” 5.1 soundtracks ( music – audio post – sound design ) for feature films, short’s or documentaries as well as sound for tv, radio and internet.

Furthermore the studio is very well suited for recording of voice tracks for audiobooks, audiotours, commercials etc…

The Johnny Raw Studio has worked for:
Indiepend Films – Nieuw & Verbeterd – De Vrije Uitgevers – Milinda Uitgevers – Universal / Zomba – De Waag Society – David de Kock – SDU publishers – FOAM – Find my Publisher – Antenna Audio – UBI Soft – NOB – AVRO – VPRO – Eddy de Clerq – AT5 – Broadcasting Corporation Amsterdam – Hortus Botanicus – MultiMediaLab etc…

Archaic Structures Trilogy – Tonedust complemented with “Le Roi, Il est mort”…

The Tonedust Trilogy,  Archaic Structures has been completed. The latest addition is the video ” Le Roi, Il est mort”. The video impression is based on the reflection of a young boy, recollecting the story of a dying king when... Read More

MultiMedia Shorts for FOAM Amsterdam

The Johnny Raw Studio recently conceptualized  3 Shades of Black. Three multimedia shorts as contribution to an evening of Gothic inspiration in Amsterdam’s FOAM in remembrance of Lord Byron’s ghost story competition, which took place some 200 years ago. WATCH 3 SHADES OF BLACK&WHITE /... Read More

MultiMedia installations in Reclaimed Land

In cooperation with “Achterland “, the  Johnny Raw  Studio is working on a series of Multimedia installations that concern “past presence in reclaimed land”.  The exact exhibition format has yet to be defined but will definitely include video, sound, music... Read More